Earth Friendly Gift Ideas


I always feel conflicted this time of year, part of me revels in the festive energy and the other part questions everything. The illusion of bliss. The inundation of advertisements and the lure of happiness from our highly commercialized society. The only thing that keeps me grounded is to focus on our Earth, to spend time outside—closer to the source, and to decorate with nature in mind, thinking through where all this “stuff” will end up after the rush.

That’s why I’m more excited than ever to offer a new collection of Earth-Friendly, Zero-Waste products. I’ve been experimenting in my daily life, finding ways to reduce waste. In doing so, I’ve collaborated with some very compassionate friends to come up with a collection of products with lasting beauty. Offering solutions for reducing waste and at the same time, exuding a natural aesthetic. I’m committed to finding more ways to reduce unnecessary waste while appreciating what we do consume by forging a synergistic relationship with the source—our sacred Mother Earth.

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