Unusual Wallpaper: A Simple Way To Decorate Your Kitchen


Even the decoration of the working area can be made simple and pleasant, if you buy wallpaper for the kitchen. This simple finishing material can be a practical solution and very effective! Color and texture are chosen so that the kitchen becomes a bright and spacious place. You’ll want to come back to it again and again.

Wallpaper for the kitchen – a profitable solution Living spaces often suffer from an excess of furniture and lack of space. Kitchen wallpaper is partly a solution to this problem. They do not need bulky structures made of wood, drywall. At the same time, the panoramic pattern on the canvas will create the illusion of additional volume.

Paper canvases are unpretentious. They can be cut, cut or combined in any way you want. Combine with tiles and plastic panels, enclose in a frame of moldings, glue together with natural stone finish. Choose a beautiful pattern to match any room format!

Types of kitchen wallpaper

Paper cloths, even high-quality, in the kitchen are rare. Usually the finishing for working spaces is combined and consists of several layers. According to the type of the top layer distinguish wallpaper:

  • vinyl,
  • fleece,
  • acrylic.

The name “washable kitchen wallpaper” is not a professional term. This concept has united into a special group of different types of finishing. In principle, all types of wallpaper, except for paper and fleece, can be called washable. Due to the outer coating, they are resistant to humid environments. During cleaning, they can be wiped down with a damp sponge.

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

The most common type of multilayer wallpaper from the number of “washable”. Their front layer is made of vinyl (abbreviated name of polyvinyl chloride foam). Such wallpaper is durable and unpretentious; resistant to humid environment and direct sunlight. Sometimes vinyl coating is blamed for the lack of environmental friendliness. However, durability and resistance to harsh environments make up for this disadvantage.

Important! Vinyl is a synthetic material and allows for many interesting color and texture solutions. Such finishing attracts attention, in natural light plays with solar reflections. The room looks smart, fresh, elegant.

Fleece wallpaper for the kitchen

Canvases with a top layer of fleecelin amaze with an elegant pattern and richness of texture. Such decor on the wall will make the room really bright and cozy. In addition, fleece is considered a “breathing” material. It has no synthetic odor, does not emit toxic fumes.

In terms of durability, fleece is inferior to vinyl, but far superior to paper finishes. Fleecelin wallpaper is quite suitable for the kitchen, but you should not count on a long service life.

Wallpaper with acrylic coating

A good choice for the kitchen area can be a roll material with a top layer of foam acrylic. Such wallpaper:

  • affordable;
  • please embossed pattern and good indicators of environmental friendliness;
  • well mask minor defects.

The layer of acrylic is quite thin and will wear off over time. Therefore, for the kitchen it is better to buy acrylic wallpaper on a non-woven basis. They cost more, but are distinguished by increased durability.

In the past, the choice of finish depended on the style. But today in fashion – a mixture of styles and their components. Do you want to mix classic and high-tech, minimalism and modern? You can realize any original solutions in your kitchen!

Attention! Kitchen wallpaper is a good assistant in creating a given style and mood. In the working area there are a lot of rectangular utilitarian things – table, cabinets, refrigerator. It is beautiful wallpaper that can “enliven” the space, fill it with the energy of color, create bright accents.

The most interesting for the artistic design of the kitchen

  1. eclecticism (a mix of styles);
  2. eco-style (emphasis on natural finishing materials);
  3. minimalism (minimal furniture and decor in the room);
  4. loft (imitation of the stylistics of industrial objects);
  5. primitivism (naive, “childlike” look at decorating the premises).

Wallpaper is appropriate in almost all of these styles. For example, to create an eco-style will need natural boards, clay, adobe bricks. Are these materials appropriate in an urban apartment? But the photo wallpaper with imitations of natural materials will easily replace the boarded ceiling and stone masonry. Design fabrics will emphasize the originality of the idea in the styles of “loft” and “primitivism”. Wallpaper on the basis of fleece will be an indispensable subject of the interior with the embodiment of a minimalist concept.

A beautiful picture on the wall – will turn the kitchen into a zone for relaxation!

Today, homeowners are cooking at home less and less. Buying pre-prepared foods or ordering pizza has become much easier. Therefore, the kitchen space is being remodeled in such a way as to reduce the work area and increase the living area.

Modern wallpaper fits perfectly into the kitchen space. They make this place more ornate, cozy and homely. The house does not have enough plants – wall decor with plant motifs will replace them. 3D canvases with a volume effect will “push” the boundaries in a small room.

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